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Chamber Ambassador Strip2018 California Chamber Ambassador Rally

Chambers of commerce have a long history in impacting great change in their communities, Something I learned more about last month at the 2018 chamber ambassador rally in Lodi.

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Dvoted Strip copy

Hip-Hop Logo for DVOTED

I used to be a rapper, so I have a lot of love for hip-hop. In 2017 I got to meet my favorite rapper, Immortal Technique, in Oakland at a Hip-Hop for Change event. At that same event, right after taking a picture with Immortal Technique, I ran into a real great guy who called himself DVOTED.

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Woodland Chamber of Commerce Logo Contest

I am thrilled to have submitted my design for the Woodland Chamber of Commerce logo contest. The purpose of my design is to encapsulate the greatness of Woodland, including its government, agriculture, industry, community and culture.

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The New Woodland Bike Map and Transportation Guide

Working for The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage has been very rewarding. I’ve gotten to know Maria Contreras Tebbutt, learned lots about the benefits of biking and worked on projects that are making a difference in Yolo County.

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HP Strip
Silk screen and embroidery design

Recall your favorite t-shirt, you know, the one that has the superman logo on the front, or says I ❤ New York, Cute Kittens or…well, you know the one. How about your favorite hat, the one that has “Make Cornbread Not War” embroidered across the front. Ever wonder how these designs make it on to your favorite garments?

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Second Friday Art About
Second Friday Art About: May 2017

Come visit The Davis Enterprise during the Second Friday Art About on May 12th from 6–8pm. See work by Smartz Graphics and by Enterprise staff.

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Davis Transportation Guide and Bike Map
Davis Transportation Guide and Bike Map

Working for The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage has been very rewarding. I’ve gotten to know Maria Contreras Tebbutt, learned lots about the benefits of biking and worked on projects that are making a difference in Yolo County.

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Readers Choice Banner
Readers’ Choice cover design

One of the most exciting publications of the year done by our local newspaper is the Readers’ Choice special edition. Readers of The Davis Enterprise are invited to vote for their favorite businesses in Yolo County, thousands of readers vote and the winners are announced inside of Readers’ Choice.

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Digital Advertising Guide.jpg
Digital Advertising Guide 2017 

Working at a newspaper today isn’t what it used to be. Now many papers, including The Davis Enterprise have their advertising departments selling digital advertising as well as print advertising. At The Davis Enterprise… (Read this blog)

odyssey-psychotherapy-bannerOdyssey Psychotherapy Logo

Designing the logo for Odyssey Psychotherapy was an absolute pleasure. I’ve never began a graphic design project with paint and a paintbrush, but felt that this unique commission needed the texture and emotion only a brush could produce.

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SmartzGraphicsChamberMember-C.jpgSmartz Graphics becomes a member of The Davis Chamber of Commerce

The Davis Chamber of Commerce (DCOC) is a vibrant organization who’s mission is to promote, support, and advocate the general economic vitality of its membership and the quality of life for the community. I’m so proud to be a member of this fine organization. This blog is my testimony to the power of being involved with DCOC.

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Cover Design Student Housing Day.jpgCover Design SHD 2017

I get to design the cover of the Student Housing Day publication each year!! A special newsprint piece that’s actually geared toward young people—AKA the only ones who don’t say “Aaron your design is too busy.” (Read this blog)

Magnolia3Banner.jpgLogo Design

  1. Keep it simple and identifiable!
  2. Makes sure it’s vector graphic that can work in black and white.
  3. Keep it simple and identifiable! (Read this blog)

Action Flipbooks SetAction Flipbooks production

It’s really cool to be an active participant in production: setting up the lights and camera, utilizing green screen technology and witnessing the astonishing effects of Adobe After Effects, and also making people smile laugh and go crazy—Really! (Read this blog)

Mosaic Tea And Coffee.jpgMosaic Tea & Coffee logo contest

Thank you to the Mosaic Tea & Coffee team for hosting this awesome logo competition! The whole package is inspiring: creating opportunities for adults with disabilities to earn job training, gift economy, graphic design/ art and beloved brewed beverages—all pieces of a bigger picture of a healthy community— kinda like a mosaic or something ( ; (Read this blog)

team-pop-rocksColoring contest, flash mob and photo credit

Working at The Davis Enterprise is fun around the holidays. There are special sections to design, STEAC fundraisers to help organize, the trick-or-treat trail and holiday widow contest and more! (Read this blog)

odd-fellows-new-membersDavis Odd Fellows membership

So proud to be an Odd Fellow—It’s an honor! Thanks for your support Jean-Paul! Glad to be getting to know you Nancy, Jesse, Greg and Webb. (Read this article)

how-to-waste-less-doing-digital-advertisingHow I’ll Waste Less Money Doing Digital Advertising

Taylor Buley, Chief Technology Officer at McNaughton Newspapers, put on an educational Seminar for Success through The Davis Chamber of Commerce. (Read this article)

Davis Schools Foundation Thanks.jpgDavis Schools Foundation fundraiser

Working at The Davis Enterprise led to volunteering at The Davis Chamber of Commerce, led to meeting Christina Yeung at the Installation Galla and picking up some design work for The Davis Schools Foundation’s Celebrity Waiter Dinner event. I love this community! (Read this article)

student-housing-dayHelping at Student Housing Day 2016

Always fun to be in the local news—Even with the wrinkly shirt shot! Zoom in on that Student Housing Day publication cover art though—Yours truly. Well don’t zoom in, I’ll just attach the cover here ( ; (Read this article)

realtors-steacMy first photo credit

The first time I received a photo credit in the newspaper. I  The Davis Enterprise! (Read this blog)