Woodland Chamber of Commerce logo contest

Woodland Chamber of Commerce Logo

Woodland Chamber of Commerce Logo Design by Smartz Graphics


I am thrilled to have submitted my design for the Woodland Chamber of Commerce logo contest. The purpose of my design is to encapsulate the greatness of Woodland, including its government, agriculture, industry, community and culture. I spent more than 25 hours on this worthy project and absolutely every element, save the font, is original.

I have submitted this blue version of the logo that is my favorite, but also 2 green versions since green is popularly considered the color of Woodland. I think blue is a sibling of green and will fit the Chamber well.


I received feedback from over 20 different people during the design process before submitting my final design. A handful of the reviewers were from Woodland and the rest were from Davis. The logo has been well received and almost everybody recognizes the elements. They say things along the lines of “That’s the new courthouse. That’s a tractor, representing agriculture. That’s a victorian home like you’d see during Stroll Thru History, and there’s a train, a common sight in Woodland. Perhaps it’s carrying rice from one of the silos?”

The trees were a must as Woodland is the City of Trees, and the negative space in that section of the design pleasantly looks like architectural arches.


I made sure that the words “WOODLAND” and “CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” were very easy to read, even at smaller sizes.


I tested the design all the way down to .5″ and though one cannot discern the details at that point, I believe the logo to be recognizable to any who have seen it before.

Final submissions for the contest were due on, December 8th. Now a panel will review the logos and choose 3 finalists. Then, finally, there will be a public poll to determine the winner.

I haven’t seen any of the other submissions, but I’m happy to have delivered at least 1 great option for the Woodland Chamber’s new logo for 2018!