Woodland Transportation Guide and Bike Map

Woodland Bike Map-Final-Oct-17

Working for The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage has been very rewarding. I’ve gotten to know Maria Contreras Tebbutt, been inspired to start biking around town again and gotten to work on projects that are making a difference in Yolo County.

The most recent project we’ve completed is the New Woodland Bike Map and Transportation Guide. It’s the official bike map of Woodland. The guide side, that I designed with the help of Maria and Russell Reagan, is a compilation of some of the most important information that will help make biking more appealing for Woodland residents and visitors, and the map side, that was created by Russell, was designed specifically with bicyclists in mind.

The guide emphasizes how convenient biking can be as a primary mode of transportation. Why drive when biking has benefits for the rider and the entire community? You might even questions owning a vehicle when you realize the corners of town and even Yolo county can be reached by more environmentally friendly transportation?

The guide also offers help for those unfamiliar with urban biking. One can find tips and explanations that cover some of the most common predicaments bicyclists will encounter, and the guide helps bikers learn more about The Woodland Bike Loop and what other resources are available to become a more avid bicyclist.

Contact The Bike Campaign to get your own copy. Display sizes are also available for offices,  laundry rooms, lobbies, etc.

Woodland Bike Map-Final-Oct-17